Founded in 2016 after the devastating flooding of southern Louisiana, The Cajun Navy Relief is, today, an organization of thousands of everyday citizens who dedicate their time and money to help the victims of natural disasters, not just in the south, but to every state that needs their assistance. Diversity plays a big role in this organization as it is made up of a combination of boaters, EMTs, firefighters, dispatchers, information technologists, law officers, medics, animal rescuers, supply chains, drivers, boat mechanics, and many more.
The Cajun Navy Relief plans to use their share of proceeds by working with locals in affected areas to provide food, music and kids attractions to spread light and positivity throughout communities who have stood in the face of true darkness and despair over the past few weeks. Any additional money will be donated to organizations such as Second Harvest Food Bank and the Houston Food Bank. If you would like to make a donation, you may do so through their PayPal which is cajunnavyrelief


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